We are regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities, licence number CRM43298. We offer a transparent, efficient service in appeals and processing claims for compensation on behalf of clients who have lost money through mis-selling.   

Wentworth Andrews has adopted honesty, integrity and transparency. These principles are central to everything we do. Quite simply, we have no conflicts of interest. We are a team who have come together to combine our years of experience in working with the FSCS in assessing claims for compensation. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and as such we will ensure you have suitable time to consider making a claim before we act on your behalf. Therefore, please read our Terms and conditions which is enclosed with this letter.   

Please be advised that time is extremely important in all claim cases as statutory limitations may apply. Returning required documents and details concerning your claim promptly will enable your claim to move forward without delay. If you wish to proceed with your claim on a “No Win No Fee” basis, and you have read and understood the Terms and conditions and Letter of Authority, please sign these documents which gives us your permission to pursue all lines of enquiry and liaise with the appropriate redress channels.   

Please sign both documents and return them with the following:  

  • Copies of pension statements   
  • Proof of advice   

These should be posted or emailed to us as soon as possible using the pre-paid envelope enclosed to: Wentworth Andrews The Coach House Unit 42, St Mary’s Business Centre, 66-70 Bourne Road, Kent DA5 1LU. Alternatively, you can e-mail these documents to: wentworthandrews@gmailcom.  


* Fee payable if case is not pursued at client’s request.

The first step is standing up for your lost pension rights and knowing what they are.

We specialise in the mis-selling of SIPP’s. and any underlying investments. Many customers were wrongly advised to transfer their frozen personal pensions or final salary scheme pensions into a SIPP, with many investing in unregulated investments. If you were advised to transfer your pension or occupational pension into a SIPP you may be due compensation.

By transferring from a final salary scheme you may have lost valuable guaranteed benefits like a Guaranteed Minimum Pensioner Spouse’s pension which have not been replaced.

In many instances customers were advised to invest in unregulated investments, for example overseas commercial property and storage units etc. Many of these investments are now considered to be illiquid, which means that you are unable to access these funds. Even if the investments were made into unregulated investments you may still be entitled to compensation.

Many customers were advised to transfer their personal pensions or final salary occupational pensions (often frozen schemes) into another pension product, primarily a self-invested personal pension (SIPP). A SIPP allowed a wider range of investment options as opposed to a personal pension and gave customers the opportunity to make there own investment decisions.

Were you recommended to make such a pension switch and if so was this the right option for you. If you transferred from a frozen final salary scheme you were likely to have lost valuable guaranteed benefits provided under the scheme. This could include loss of Guaranteed Minimum Pension or a spouses pension.

Also many customers lacked the financial sophistication to make their own investments. Many or the underlying investments recommended were into unregulated investments, which could include non mainstream pooled investments (NMPI’s) and unregulated collective investment schemes (UCIS). These investments are likely to be big risk and illiquid, which means that customers are unable to redeem these investments at the present time. An example of these investments can include overseas commercial property or storage units etc. Even if investments were made in unregulated schemes, then you may still be able to raise a claim for compensation.

If you feel that you were mis-sold an unsuitable pension product or unregulated investment what are your rights. In the first instance a complaint can be raised with the advising firm. If they are still trading and you are unable to reach a settlement with the advising firm, then you may take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The FOS was set up to resolve complaints between financial businesses and their customers. The FOS can award compensation up to £150,000.

If the advising firm is no longer trading then complaints can be raised through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS was set up to assist consumers when authorised financial services fail. FSCS can pay up to a maximum of £50,000.

Who we are:

Wentworth Andrews Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 09183368. Our registered and trading address (where you can contact us) is The Coach House, Unit 42 St Mary’s Business Centre, 66-70 Bourne Road, Bexley, Kent DA5 1LU. Our telephone number is: +44 7932818342. We are VAT registered. Our VAT registration number is 283 0144 25


In order for a third party such as ourselves to represent consumers in a claim for compensation we must be regulated by The Claims Management Regulator. The Compensation Act 2006 (the Act) provides the statutory framework for regulating the provision of claims management services. The Act created a Claims Management Services Regulator to authorise and regulate claims management companies and to:

  • Set and monitor standards of competence and professional conduct
  • Promote good practice, in particular as to the provision of information about charges and other matters to users;
  • Promote practices likely to facilitate competition;
  • Ensure that arrangements are made for the protection of users, including complaints handling. (Our complaints procedures are available in writing upon request or via our Website TBC).

Wentworth Andrews Limited is regulated by The Claims Management Regulator in respect of claims management activities. Our registration CRM43298 is recorded on the Claims Management Regulator’s website www.claimsregulation.gov.uk.

Consumers should be aware that the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) are free services. To make a claim for compensation you are not required to use the services of a third party. Wentworth Andrews Limited can advise, assist and represent consumers who have an eligible complaint against a regulated firm. Whether this is a complaint to a regulated financial services firm, the Financial Ombudsman Service or ultimately the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. All claims are carried out in house by fully trained case handlers and as a result no claims will be assigned to solicitors under this agreement.

In order to establish if you have an eligible claim we will need to establish that you received advice from a regulated firm and if this advice was negligent. Negligent advice can stem from a variety of rule breaches, for example failing to disclose key information such as risks. In so doing you will need to provide us with copies of all document’s relevant to your claim. If there is evidence of negligence then we will advise on the necessary redress channels to be taken. Your Wentworth Andrews representative will talk you through the procedures, the estimated time to a decision and the estimated amount of compensation you can expect to receive. We make no guarantees as to the amount of compensation you will receive or the time taken for your case to be processed but can assure you that Wentworth Andrews Limited will endeavour to offer you our full support throughout the process.